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Derek Loudermilk

10 Ways to Become Location Independent

A short video by Derek Loudermilk presents 10 business models with examples from the Art of Adventure Podcast for how to make money and travel full time.

Melanie Midegs

Emotional Empowerment for Entrepreneurs

A 60min training that explains 'How To Manage Business Expectations & Know What to Focus On First’. Learn how to emotionally empower yourself and know where to focus your energy when jumping into the world of online business. Perfect for Entrepreneurs who are planning on creating a service based business.

Andrea Featherstone

6 Days Mindfulness Challenge

A 6 days video challenge with practical, fun tips on how you can incorporate mindfulness into your life to get clear on who you are and what you want.

Helen Schmit

Setting Routines and Boundaries When Working Remotely

One of the hardest thing when you are working remotely and changing your location every few months is to keep your work momentum and maintain your work-life balance. Good news is there are techniques that can be implemented to really make your life easier! In this masterclass,You’ll be given tools and techniques to keep your momentum and balance through work routines and rituals, and even more importantly define some boundaries and work rules with your clients, your coworkers or your boss, as well as with yourself!

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Freedom is a misunderstood concept. I used to believe freedom meant that I can make my own choices. After freeing myself from my 9-5, I often found myself in the “paradox of choice.” It was difficult to decide what I wanted. Should I go to New Zealand? Should I a travel short-term or longterm? I found that this paralyzes me just as much as other constraints of life. It took me sometime, as I understood, just as everything else: freedom comes from inside, it is a state of mind. It’s letting myself go with the flow, meanwhile finding a core mission... learning to let go of all the “shoulds,” and while listening to other people’s suggestions, make my own decisions with ease.

Bori Vigh
Bori Vigh

Looking back, I could have never predicted that my life would change so much as it has. I went on my trip because of my goals: to learn to speak better English, to take a break from my office lifestyle, and to skip winter and stay in a nice warm place. But I’ve found something much bigger than I could have ever imagined. I believe that we do not know what we exactly want in life but we always feel something. We need to keep following our internal voice and be brave to make the first step -  that will help us find what we are looking for.

Valery Pitiakova
Valery Pitiakova