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The first virtual gathering on the location independent lifestyle has happened on the 1-2 of April with great success. We are going to keep rocking monthly Freedom Talks and LIVE! Webinars. Stay Tuned!

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An online platform where inspiring change-makers and leaders teach new emerging formulas on how to travel, work and live a fulfilling life around the world

The Time is Now!  Freedom Will Change Your Life

Casey Fenton, Couchsurfing,

How to Inspire People to Build a Global Movement

Andrea Featherstone, Project Self

Mind Taming Tricks for Getting Unstuck from Fear

Steve Munroe, HUBUD

Future of Work, the Worker and the Workplace

Lydia Lee, Screw the Cubicle

Escape the Cubicle:  Transitioning from Corporate Prison to Creating a Business and Life You Love

Karsten Knorr, CoBoat

What is Coworking Really About

Stuart Jones, Coworkation

The Limitations of the Digital Nomad Hype

Daphnée Laforest, Nomadbase

How to Build a Global Network and Develop New Skills as You Travel

Andrew Henderson, The Nomad Capitalist

The Nomad Trap: Why Many Digital Nomads Are Not Tax-Compliant at Home

Osha Key, Become The Best Of You

High Energy, Health and Nutrition Strategies for Work and Travel

Torsten Kremser, Nomad Convoy

Vision for Africa: How Digital Nomads Can Make a Difference

Stella Romana, 22STARS

How to Start a Social Business: Making 100% Impact by Empowering Women in Uganda

Johannes Voelkner, Nomad Cruise

Top Destinations and Trips for Digital Nomads

Tal Gur, Fully Lived

How to Live Your Life Fully: 100 Life Goals Completed in 10 Years

Maria Scarzella Thorpe, NomadPass

Remote Work in Silicon Valley Culture

Stefan Klumpp, O4H

Optimizing for Happiness: Remote Company Work Culture at Mobile Jazz

Helen Schmit, Exploring Happy

Manage Your Energy and Not Your Time

Bori Vigh, VagabondNation

The Least Travelled Road: Opportunities and Challenges as a Digital Nomad

Mikael More, Clear

Payment Systems 101: How to Receive and Send Payments Online

Melanie Midegs, Seed to Soul

Reality Bites: Creating Online Business

Derek Loudermilk, Art of Adventure

The Science of Charisma and Confidence

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